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The collection, use of, and management of personal information on the Aomori Port Internationalzation Committee homepage (hereafter referred to as "this site") will be handled responsibly. 

Use and Provision of Private Information

The personal information that is collected on this site will only be used for the purpose with which it was gathered, that reason having been made explicit in advance (e.g., responding to inquiries); instances where with the permission of the user is obtained; or instances that are outlined by law.

How Personal Information is Untilized

The comments received from this site’s inquiry corner will be referenced for future Aomori Port Internationalization Conference efforts and activities. Additionally, the contents of inquiries may be referred to or posted on this site.
The information gathered by the “Aomori Port Cruise Supporter Application” is only used as necessary for them to perform operations.
We may use mail addresses, phone numbers, and addresses provided for correspondence and confirmation of inquiries and Aomori Cruise Supporter Applications.

Private Information Management

At the Aomori Port Internationalization Committee, we ensure to prevent the divulgation, loss or damage of private information. When private information becomes unnecessary, it is erased and/or disposed of immediately.

Applicability of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable only on this site. Handling of information for the different links, groups, and facilities provided on this site will be the responsibility of each respective organization.