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Aomori abounds with tourism resources—Japan’s summer fire festival, or “Nebuta”; the largest scale of Jomon period archaeological site at “Sannai-maruyama” remains; the drastic and varied seasonal changes of Mt. Hakkōda and Lake Towada. Additionally, Aomori Port is adjacent to central Aomori city, within walking distance to Aomori station. Aomori can easily be enjoyed on foot or by car, shopping and strolling through the city or taking a daytrip outside of it.

Location of New Central Wharf

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Train Station Access Aomori Station (Access to JR and Aoi Mori Railway): 3 min. by car, 25 minutes on foot Shin-Aomori Station (Access to the Tōhoku Shinkansen): 10 min. by car, 6 min. by train from Aomori Station
Expressway Access Aomori Central Interchange(Access to the Tōhoku Expressway): 10 min. by car
Airport Access Aomori Airport: 30 min. by car
Nearest Tourism Information Centers Aomori Prefectural Integrated Information Center (Aomori Tourism & Commercial Museum ASPAM 1F) TEL. 017-734-2500
Aomori City Tourism Exchange Information Center (In front of Aomori station) TEL. 017-723-4670


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